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You have created Profiles, added their data into Attributes and mapped their consent. What's left now is to add the campaign response data into the Profiles as Events:

Events are visitors' behavioral data. This data can be recorded from an online action like completing an online purchase, logging in, a page view, etc. or from an offline action like completing a purchase in a physical store and using their member's card or attending a seminar where they are required to check-in.

Same as with Attributes, you may use Event data to create segments in order to target Profiles who have engaged with your brand via Pro sendings in the past.


By default, the Migration Wizard will migrate data that has been in your Pro account since 12 months back, up until 72 hours before your migration.

To choose a start date of the data you're migrating into APSIS One, click Specify from date and pick a date on the date picker.


2. By default, the Wizard will migrate all your campaign response data into Events. Click on Show advanced options to change this setting.


3. Check the boxes that apply to the sort of data you want to add or leave out of the migration:

  • Opens: The times the Profiles opened an email you sent them.

  • Clicks: The times the Profiles clicked a link on an email you sent them.

  • Sent, delivered and bounced: The delivery details of the Profiles you sent an email to.

  • Migrate list opt-out: The moment the Profiles opted out from your communications.


4. Done? Click Save.


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