Pro Mailing List Sync

In this step, you will be connecting the Consent lists & Topics you created with your existing mailing lists in APSIS Pro. In other words, you will be merging your subscriber data with your subscription data into APSIS One Profiles.

Match your subscriptions so that your Profiles can have their consent registered as channel consent (Topics or opt-out all). Opt-out alls are migrated into APSIS One as Section Opt-outs. Read more about consent here...

1. Choose which lists to include, and tick the corresponding boxes next to Standard lists and Proofreading lists.


On the left side, you will see all of your existing mailing lists from APSIS Pro. You want to match them with their corresponding Consent list and Topic.

2. Under Consent lists & Topics, choose a Topic from a consent list:

Start by opening the drop-down menu and clicking Ignore to toggle off the ignore option.


Then, find the Consent list you wish to associate with your Pro mailing list, hover over it with your cursor and click on the desired Topic.

You may choose multiple Topics by clicking on an additional Topic. To deselect a Topic, click on it again.


3. Repeat the process described in all the previous steps until you've matched all your old mailing lists to your new Consent lists and Topics.

4. Don't forget about the opt-outs! Check the boxes that apply to what you want to do with your opt-outs.

Section level opt-out: Unsubscribed from all Consent lists and Topics associated with the APSIS One Section.

Topic level opt-out: Unsubscribed from specific Topics inside a Consent list. If you choose this option, you'll have to select a Topic inside a Consent list to map your Pro account's opt-outs.


5. Once you're completely done with this part of the wizard, click Next.


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