Create a Consent List and Topics

The APSIS Pro mailing lists will be imported to APSIS One, but the way the two platforms are structured is different. This is one of the biggest differences between the way APSIS Pro and APSIS One manage data: Consent lists and Topics. In this step you're going to create Consent lists and Topics where you will be matching your subscriptions so that your Profiles can have their consent registered.

If a subscriber has performed an opt-out or an opt-out all, their subscription status will be shown respectively in APSIS One: meaning that all Profiles will show their channel consent, including opt-outs. Read more about consent here...

If you have already created a Consent list & Topics, they will show up on the Migration Wizard. If that's the case, click SAVE and proceed to the next step. Otherwise, follow the steps below.


About Consent lists & Topics

From About Migration:

Before, you might have been used to gathering your subscribers in a list, like contacts, but Consent lists are really nothing like a traditional list: Consent lists are a group of Topics. The purpose of having a Consent list with Topics is to be able to create specific groups of subscribers and have the ability to address some or all of them in the same SMS or Email activity.

Topics, on the other hand, are the level in which your subscribers provide their consent. The Topic reflects their specific interest in your brand, and the subject matter they opted to receive communications in. Following that logic, subscribers opt-in on a Topic to show their interest or participation, allowing you to categorize them and potentially message more than one type of subscriber at a time. Topics can reflect the frequency of the newsletters (weekly, monthly, etc.), a product category or even the names of the different business sectors you communicate with.

1. Click Add New Consent list.


2. A pop-up will be displayed. Write a name for your Consent list under List name.


3. Under Topics, click Add New.


4. Under Topic name, write the name of your Topic.


5. Repeat the previous two steps until you've added all your Topics.

6. When you're ready, click Save.


To edit a list or a Topic inside of it, click on the pencil icon next to the list's name. The popup will reappear.

To edit a Topic in a list, click the pencil icon on the right.


7. To add another Consent list, click Add New List and follow the previous steps.

8. Ready to continue? Click Next.


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