Creating a Section

APSIS One divides its data into Sections. Create Sections in this step to ensure that all the information will be handled properly. You can only migrate data into one section at a time.

Organising Profile data and user access with Sections is important for your work in APSIS One. Smaller businesses may not need to have more than one or two Sections. However, it depends on the structure and permissions you wish to have in the account and your subscribers' consent. If you dont have a master and a sub-account set up in APSIS Pro, it is likely that you will only need one Section. If you plan on using APSIS One in a completely different way, we recommend that you reach out to us to discuss your Sections.

In a nutshell...

Using Sections allows you to organise your data. It will also simplify the task of giving users access to different data. This is one of the big benefits of using Sections: giving users Section permissions helps ensure that the right data is always in the right hands.

What is more, to enable tracking website data, you must add your domain(s) into a Section. This is not part of your migration, and is a step you can return to after you have set up your migration.

1. Click on the Select Section drop-down menu. If you have created Sections in your APSIS One account before, they will appear here.


2. To select a Section, click on the Section you wish to migrate to in the list.

If you have many Sections, enter the name of the Section on search Sections to find the one you wish to migrate to.

3. To add a new Section, click Create a New Section.

It is only possible to migrate one account into one Section. You can repeat this process later and migrate more accounts into Sections.

4. Enter your Section's name in the pop-up and click Save.

Make sure to click on the drop down menu and select the new Section you created.


5. When you're finished, click Next.


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