Migration Reports

To see a report, first click on a migration from the list. On the Bottom bar, you'll see the following options. To download a report as a text file, click Download report.

Otherwise, choose Report to see the latest statistics inside APSIS One.



Select Overview in the left side navigation to see the general outcome of your migration.

See the name of the account migrated from APSIS Pro into APSIS One under Pro Account.

Under Channel, you can see the Channel Consent that was applied to the Profiles created in APSIS One from your APSIS Pro account. Profiles created or updated by this migration will obtain or lose consent in the channel shown here. This depends on your migration setup. Read more...

See how many Profile migrations were successful and how many failed in the graph and legend on the right.

Below the graph you can see 25 successful email addresses migrated into APSIS One Profiles.



Under the Settings tab you'll see the setup you chose for your migration.

Pro Mailing List Sync contains information about the mailing list that has been synced with APSIS One, the name of the list, the Subscription chosen and any Tags applied to the new Profiles.

Depending on your preferences, you'll see whether you included opt-out or opt-out all mailing lists in your migration.


Data Fields Mapping displays the data fields mapped between the APSIS Pro DD Field and APSIS One Attribute.


If you chose to tag the Profiles, tags will be displayed under Profile Tagging. If you didn't choose any tags, it will show as below:


Under Email Event Data, you can see the preferences as to the APSIS Pro data that was migrated as APSIS One Events in Profiles: opens; clicks; sent; delivered & bounced; opt-outs.


Finally, under Recurring Sync, you can see how often the Migration Wizard is updating and creating Profiles based on your APSIS Pro mailing lists. Read more...

If you didn't turn it on, it will show as below:

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