A Column is a vertical split of a Row. As you add Elements into a Row, you'll notice that you can place them next to each other (creating Columns) as well as stack them on top of each other when inside a Column.

Rows contain Columns in order to arrange and resize content, giving you as much creative freedom as possible.

There is a limit to 4 Columns per row, and the minimum width for Row Columns is 10px. The total pixels that the column widths should add up to should be the same width as your email.

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How to Create a Column

There are two simple ways to add a Column or divide a Row.

1. Click on the Element or Asset you wish to add into a new Column, and drag and drop it into the Row, before or next to an existing Element.

If you later remove the Element or Asset, the Column will remain.


2. Alternatively, on the Structure Panel, click on the Row where you want to create an extra Column.


On the Canvas, locate the Row that you selected. There you will see a plus sign. Click on the plus sign to add a Column.


How to Rename a Column

There are two quick ways to rename a Column:

1. Open the Column Settings by clicking on the Column in the Structure Panel. The settings will be displayed on the right side.


2. Rename your Column by editing the Column name field.



Double-click on the Column in the Structure Panel and rename it directly.

How to Resize a Column

Resizing a Column will also resize the Elements inside the Columns in the Row.

1. Hover over the space between the Columns you want to resize. A handle, similar to the one for the Spacer Element, will appear.


2. Click on the handle and drag it left or right to resize the Column and Elements. You'll notice red lines that will help you have a better idea of the proportions of the content in the Column. The measurement in pixels will be shown under the red line.


To read more about resizing a Column and designing your Email, head over to this article.

How to Delete a Column

1. Click on the Column you wish to delete in the Structure Panel.

Note that all Rows must have at least one Column. Columns are part of the Row's structure. If you only have one Column left, proceed to delete the Row instead.


2. On the Column settings, click Delete.


3. Are you sure you want to delete this Column? If yes, click Delete. If not, Cancel.


Column Settings

To open the Column Settings, click on a Column in the Structure Panel.


How to Change the Column Name

Type it under Column name in the Column settings. Naming a Column will allow you to keep track of it in the Structure Panel.


How to Change the Column Background

By default, the background will be transparent, shown as a white round icon with a red line across.

Click on this icon to open the colour picker and choose a colour for the column.


How to Change the Column Alignment

To set the alignment for your Column, click on an alignment option.

Choose between top, centre and bottom alignment.


How to Change the Column Widths

To change the widths of your column, expand the Column widths drop-down menu.

Click and drag the width icon to the left to reduce the column width, or the right to increase it.

You can also manually enter the desired column length in pixels. Please note that the total width of your columns in pixels should be the same width of your email.

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