Choose a Template for your Email activity.

Default or user-generated, a Template will determine the initial structure of your Email.

You will have the opportunity to choose between Pre-defined Templates, Your Templates and Themed.

Our blank Template includes four empty Rows, with one column each, but you may also choose a pre-defined Template that has a different structure. Each pre-defined Template contains a preview and a description in this step.

You may adjust all pre-defined Templates once you're in the editor, so feel free to choose a Template that is closest to what you have in mind.

You can go back to this step later if you change your mind, but note that your changes will be lost unless you saved the email as a Template before.


Creating a Template allows you to maintain consistency in your sendings and save valuable time spent in the editor. If you would like to learn more about Templates, jump to About Templates.

Need a hand?

Click on the Get inspired icon to take a look at our Email Design Gallery! You can also click the Request icon to send a message to our Creative Services professionals and order a stunning Template that fits your needs.

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