Creating a Report Segment

In APSIS One, you can create Segments from the Report of any of your Email and SMS tool activities.

For example, if you wanted to check-in with recipients who didn't engage with a specific email, you can try to send them an email reminder or reach out to them via SMS.

The Segment would include the Profiles who opened your email, and it can be saved and used directly, or serve as a starting point for a new Segment. Afterwards, you can exclude the Segment in the Send to step of your reminder email or SMS, and check-in with your recipients in another channel! Only those who didn't open your email would receive the reminder.


How to Create a Segment from the Report

1. Open the Report and select a tab from the left side.


2. Click Create Segment in the Bottom Bar.


3. The Segment Builder will open.

4. Depending on which tab you selected, an Event condition will be added with the unique activity ID of your Email activity. It will include all Profiles who performed the Event in that specific Report.

All Segments created from a report will contain the Email or SMS Sent condition.

For the example described above, it would be enough to save the Segment with an including condition, and exclude the Segment in the Send to step of your activity.


Otherwise, you can exclude the condition in the Segment, and include the Segment in the Send to step of your reminder message.


5. Edit the Segment and add any additional conditions if necessary. Need some help with creating a Segment? Head over to our Segment Builder article.

6. Name your Segment.


7. Done? Click Save Segment


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