About Form and Pages Reports

APSIS One provides you with reports for each activity you perform in the platform. In Forms and Pages Reports you will find the essential information about how your Forms and Pages activity was set up and how it performed.

Forms and Pages Reports show both Known Profiles (Profiles with an email address or phone number) and Unknown Profiles. To see all Profiles who interacted with your activity, create a Segment from the View tab.

With this valuable information, it will be possible for you to analyse your marketing efforts and how effective your campaign has been.

Please allow up to 10 minutes for Profile data to be available in your Forms and Pages Report. After the Form or Page has been published, Audience must process and store the data into Profiles before it becomes available.

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Viewing a Report

To view a report, click the form in the Forms & Pages activity page.

On the Bottom bar, click Report to be taken to the report.

If you wish to return to the activity page at any point, click Activity Page in the Bottom bar.

Click on the tabs to the left of the report to see the details of your Forms and Pages activity.


Here is the overview of your Forms and Pages activity.

Working Name (internal only): This is the working name of your Forms and Pages activity. It's internal only, and will not be displayed to the user.

Section: The Section you chose.

Type: The type of activity. In this case, a Form or a Page.

Template: The type of template you used when creating your Forms and Pages activity.

Form or Page URL: The URL of the Forms and Pages activity.

Form Action: The Form action, like Display Message, Go to URL, etc.


Take a look at your finished Form or Page.

Toggle between Desktop and Mobile to see how the Form or Page looks on different devices.

Click Report Overview in the Bottom bar to return to the Report page.

Report Details

Take a look at the left side tabs on the Form and Pages Report to learn more about how your Form or Page has performed so far.

Reports for Pages only include Preview and View.

  • View: Visitors who viewed/opened your Form.

  • Start: Visitors who started filling out the fields or interacted with your Form.

  • Rejected: Visitors who, despite finishing your Form, were rejected based on your preferences in the Profile Check setting of your Form. Read more...

  • Submit: Visitors that filled in and submitted your form.

A maximum of 25 profiles will be shown on the list. Double-click them to jump straight into their Profile View.

Forms and Pages Reports only show Known Profiles (Profiles with an email address or phone number). However, to see all Profiles who interacted with your activity, create a Segment from the View tab.

Note that for unknown profiles, the same one unknown visitor might be seen as multiple different unknown profiles, if they view or start a form multiple times. When this happens, the number of unique unknown profiles will not necessarily match the real number of unique unknown visitors.

To see the full list, click Export on the top right. The Profiles will be downloaded in a CSV or XLSX file.


Need more details?

For more in-depth information about Forms and Pages Events, take a look at this article.

Create Segment

In APSIS One, you can create Segments from the Forms and Pages Report of any of your activities.


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