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Here are a few words about everything you can do from activity pages, some useful information about the general features of the page, as well as detailed descriptions on how to perform specific actions in each tab.


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Search Bar

Looking for something?

Type in this bar to Search and find specific items within the tab you're in.


Display Options

There's a couple of ways to view your activity page:

List View

In the list view, your activities are displayed in a list. It is the default view when you enter the tool.

Reorganise your activity list by clicking on the different columns, where you'll find all the essential information about your Email campaigns.


Card View

Toggle the card view on or off by clicking on the card view button on the right of the list.


This is how the card view looks:


To return to the list view, click the list view button on the right.



Use filters to narrow down the activities displayed in the tool.

To open the filters, click on the filters button on the top left corner of the list in the activity page.


Click on the filtering options to filter your list.

To display all the activities without any filters, click Clear Filters.


Activity Page Tabs

As with other activity pages, you can quickly navigate to and from different tabs within the tool:

  • Drafts

  • Scheduled & Sent

  • Active & Paused

  • Templates

  • Assets

  • Content

  • Deleted

Each tab contains the activities that correspond with the status, and offer different options.

The Bottom bar

Clicking on an activity will bring up the Bottom bar.

There you will see activity options like edit, delete, and restore. These will also depend on the tab you're in.

To read more about what you can do in the Bottom bar, head to this article.

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