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Under the Cookie tab, you can adjust your preferences when it comes to the collection of browsing behaviour in your domain(s).


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Cookie Lifetime

There is a number of reasons why your business may wish to determine the lifetime of the cookies gathered. Whether it's due to GDPR standards or your organisation's privacy policies, it is possible for Admin users to decide how long the cookies will be kept after Profiles have provided their cookie consent.

Toggle the Cookie Lifetime switch to choose a lifetime for APSIS One cookies. If left unticked, the cookies will be kept indefinitely.

Click on the Lifetime drop down menu to choose a time length.


Do you have your own Cookie banner?

If your own Cookie banner has a specific setting for how long cookies should prevail in visitors' browsers, make sure that you set the Cookie Lifetime in APSIS One to a period of time that is greater than or equal to the one in your Cookie banner. Read more about how to connect your own Cookie banner to APSIS One...

Person Detection

Enabling Person Detection will allow you to track the activity of the same visitor across all domains within the same Section. This allows for a more personalized cookie-related experience.

Click on the switch to toggle Person Detection on and off.

Important: This must be aligned with your cookie policy in order to be GDPR-compliant. Visitors must be made aware that their cookies will be utilized in other domains.

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