About the Tracking Script

The APSIS One Tracking Script is a piece of code that allows your website to feed data into APSIS One. For us to gather data and give you fitting insights, you must install it. It will be used to gather web statistics for your websites, and it will also allow us to display the Cookie banners, Sign-up bars, etc. created with APSIS One.


Do you need more advanced information about the Tracking Script and data collection? Head over here.


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How to Install the Tracking Script

The following instructions are for Account Owners or Admin Users. To see how to access the Tracking Script for Regular Users, head over to Account Settings.

Read more about User Roles and Permissions here.

1. Open your Account Settings and go into your Section.


2. Under Domains & Languages, click Tracking Script.


3. Click Copy Tracking Script, and paste it into the head section of your main HTML page. This will track all of the subpages as well.


4. Review the status of your script. It might take up to 48 hours for your Tracking Script to be fully functional.


Your Tracking Script will only show as Connected once the cookie banner is feeding data into APSIS One. Until then, it will show No data received yet. Read more about cookies...

Tracking Script Status

Review the Status of your Tracking Script whether the data is being received or not. It might take up to 48 hours for your Tracking Script to point to APSIS One.

The Tracking Script status reflects whether it has been able to feed data into Audience, which is the result of a successful installation and an active Cookie Banner.


This is what every Tracking Script status means:

No data received yet: The Tracking Script may have been successfully installed but no data has been fed into APSIS One. You must have a Cookie Banner in place for the Tracking Script to feed data into APSIS One.

Connected: You have successfully installed the Tracking Script in your domain(s) and it's now collecting data. You will see this status once data is being sent to your APSIS One Audience for the first time.

Note that, if you happen to remove the Tracking Script from your domain after it's successfully connected, its status will remain as Connected. However, your domain's status will update, showing No Script.

If you tick the Run Tracking Script independently box, it will start collecting data regardless of whether you have an active Cookie Banner activity or not. Only enable that option if you have an existing cookie banner in your website that can collect consent from your visitors.

Advanced Settings

Run Tracking Script Independently

If you already have a cookie banner implemented in your website, you might want to keep it instead of creating one with APSIS One. However, in order for APSIS One to gather data with consent, you must link your cookie banner to your tracking script.

If this option is enabled, the request for consent relies completely on your existing cookie banner, which must make sure that the data fed into APSIS One is gathered with consent. In order to collect and store visitor's data you must acquire informed consent, which is provided by visitors through a cookie banner. Consult your legal team before enabling this feature to make sure that you have an existing solution for acquiring visitors' informed consent.

Got your own Cookie banner?

Cookie consent is recorded at the moment the visitor provides their consent in your own cookie banner.

Read more about connecting your own Cookie banner...

To enable or disable this feature, simply toggle the Run Tracking Script Independently option.

You may choose to run the tracking script only when one or more cookies match given conditions. This will simplify the way your cookie banner communicated with APSIS One's tracking script.

Tick the Match cookie value to start tracking box and enter a Cookie name, Match type and Value.

You may choose to add multiple conditions for when the tracking script can be run. To add more conditions, click on Add cookie. The script will be run if any one of the listed conditions apply.

In the pictured example, the tracking script will run if cook_id_1 is equal to "true" or if cookie123 simply exists (or if both conditions are true at the same time).

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