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Ready to get started? Here's an overview of the basic steps when setting up your APSIS One account's Sections.

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How to Add a Section

1. Reach your Account Settings from the Information Centre.


2. The Sections tab will be the first one to open. If these settings are not available to you, get in touch with an Account Owner or Admin User.

Read more about APSIS One's User Roles and Permissions here.


3. Click New Section.


4. Enter your Section's name.


5. Click Add Section.


How to Rename a Section

1. Click on the Section you wish to rename.


2. On the left, select the Section Settings tab.


3. Click Rename.


4. Make your changes, then click Rename.


Section Setup

After you create a Section, it's time to set it up. Simply select the Section in your Account Settings.

Within a Section, you can easily locate the corresponding Tracking Script, set up your domains and languages, APSIS One Integrations and more. Also, you must review and adjust your data collection preferences within Data Model, as well as your Double Opt-in email and confirmation.


Hiding or Unhiding a Section

You can choose to hide a Section from your account. This will result in all Profile data related to the Section being hidden from those Profiles, and inaccessible in any APSIS One activities. Moreover, users will not be able to access or create any new activities related to or within that Section. Read more about hiding Sections in this article...

About Section Limits

Hiding a Section is useful when you need to prevent that Section from being used in any activities, or if you need to create a new Section.

As a hidden Section can't be used in any activities, it will not be included in your APSIS One Section limits. So if your APSIS One Company Plan allows for five Sections and you already have five active Sections, hiding one of them will allow you to create one more active Section.

Only active Sections count towards your Section limit.

How to Hide or Unhide a Section

1. Locate the Section you want to hide, and click the eye icon on the right side.

2. The hidden Section will then be moved to Hidden Sections, below your active Sections.

If you wish to move your Hidden Section back to the active Sections, simply click the eye icon again.

Activities shown in the Activity Page that were created in a Hidden Section will have the Hidden Section icon next to the title.

It is not possible to edit, activate, clone, or rename any activity in a Hidden Section.

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