About Sections

Reach your APSIS One account's Sections by accessing Account Settings and into the Sections tab.


What is a Section?

Your account is divided into Sections to best keep track of the data stored in the platform. Create Sections to make sure that the right information from your different markets is organized efficiently. A Section may or may not contain a domain, depending on whether your business has a website.

In a nutshell: Sections are used to organise Profile data in APSIS One.

Sections also allow you to set up Section permissions for users so that the right information is always in the right hands. Account Owners, Admin Users, and Regular or Restricted Users each have different levels of Section access. Visible Section permissions should be aligned with the Profile data and APSIS One activities each individual user needs to work with APSIS One.

Different brands, markets, countries, etc., will all have different Sections.

A Section may have several domains, each one corresponding to a different country or website, then we can use the following example:

A company that manages multiple brands especially benefits from the APSIS One data Section structure by adding each brand as a Section, and then each brands different domains into the Sections. This allows Section-specific data from each domain to be tracked separately, managing consent appropriately, and increasing the level of personalization and variety for each activity performed in the APSIS One platform.

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