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Use the Radio Element to create a set of related options that will allow your website's visitors to choose just one option. As only one value can be selected, this will automatically deselect all the others.


For a run-down of the most common options in the Design Panel, click on one of the options below to head to a guide:

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Map the options of your Radio Element to either an Attribute in your APSIS One account, or as a Form response which will be saved as Event data.

For example, if you'd like to get to know whether your visitor is completing your form as a private customer or as a business, you can use a Radio Element to obtain that information. To read more about Attributes, head over to this article.


Select Attribute from the Data type drop-down menu to map the Radio Element to an Attribute. If you would like to collect the visitors' answers to these options as Event data, select Form response only.

If you chose to map to an Attribute, expand the Attribute drop-down menu. Scroll through to choose from a list of Default and Custom Attributes in your APSIS One account.


Under Option 1 and Option 2, enter the Attribute value for each option. When a visitor picks an option, the value you enter here will be added to their APSIS One Profile as a value for the Attribute.

If you choose Form response only, then the response will be saved as Event data.

If a visitor chooses more than one option, multiple values will be added as Attributes or Event data, separated by commas (,). For example, Sports equals "Tennis", "Baseball", "Basketball".


To manually adjust the style of your Radio Element, expand the Style drop-down.

Set the space between the options by manually entering the space in pixels. You can also click on the icon, hold, and then drag it left to increase and right to reduce the size between the options.


Choose a color for the radio button and its border next to Border and Fill.

Use the color picker to choose a color.

Other Option and Required Field

Toggle Other option on if you would like to create an additional input field for a custom choice for visitors.

For example, if a visitor doesn't find any of the options suitable, they can pick this option and fill in their custom answer as text.

An other option with an input field will be created underneath the options you create. You can edit the placeholder text of your other option in the Radio Element, inside the Canvas.

Toggle Required field on if this field should be mandatory. If toggled on, visitors will not be able to submit your form without filling out this field.


Add Option

To add more options to your Radio Element, click Add Option, and the new option will appear underneath the existing ones.


Font Color

You may choose a different font color for when the Radio Element is or is not checked.

Click on the Radio Element's text.


On the Inline Text Editor, click on the color picker button for either Unchecked or Checked.

Use the color picker to choose a color that suits your activity.



Here's a Radio Element mapped to different values for the Country Attribute.

And a Profile after submitting the Form, with a new Gender Attribute...

And a Form - Submit Event!

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