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Use the Checkbox Element to include a variety of options in your Forms & Pages activity that visitors select, making the process of completing your form quick and easy.

For a run-down of the most common options in the Design Panel, click on one of the options below to head to a guide:

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Map the options of your Checkbox Element to either an Attribute in your APSIS One account, or as a Form response which will be saved as Event data.

For example, if you'd like to get to know which sports your customers are interested in, you could map the Checkbox Element to a Sports Attribute, and get an overview of which sports they enjoy. To read more about Attributes, head over to this article.


Select Attribute from the Data Type drop-down menu to map the Checkbox Element to an Attribute. If you would like to collect the visitors' answers to these options as Event data, select Form response only.


Under Option 1 and Option 2, enter the Attribute value for each option. When a visitor ticks the checkbox that corresponds with each option, the value you enter here will be added to their APSIS One Profile as a value for the Attribute.

If you choose Form response only, then the response will be saved as Event data.

If the visitor chooses more than one option, multiple values will be added as either an Attribute or Event data, separated by commas ( , ). For example: Sports equals "Tennis", "Baseball", "Basketball".


Add Option

Click the Add Option button below if you'd like to add more options to your Checkbox Element.



To manually adjust the style of your Checkbox Element, expand the Style drop-down.

Set the space between the Checkboxes by manually entering the space in pixels, or click on the icon, hold, and then drag it left and right to increase and reduce the size between the Checkboxes.

Choose a colour for the checkboxes and their border next to Border and Fill.

Use the color picker to choose a colour.


Required Field

Toggle Required field on if this field should be mandatory. If toggled on, visitors will not be able to submit your form without choosing at least one option.


Font Colour

You may choose a different font colour for when the Checkbox Element is or is not filled in.

1. Click on the Checkbox Element's text.


2. On the inline text editor, click on the colour picker button for either the Unchecked or Checked text.

Use the color picker to choose a colour that suits your activity.



Here's a Checkbox Element mapped to different values for the Country Attribute

And a Profile after submitting the Form, with a new Country Attribute...

And a Form - Submit Event!

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