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A List Element will allow you to display information in an organised manner. You can create a list that is clickable in order to send your Audience to your website, and most importantly, the list can be made so that it fits your Email's design!


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For a run-down of the most common options in the Design Panel, click on one of the options below to head to a guide:

How to Adjust the List Spacing

Increase or decrease the spacing between list items with Space between.

Enter a specific measurement under Space between (px) in pixels. You may also click on the Space between icon, hold, and drag to the left to reduce and right to increase the spacing.


How to Change the List style

Adjust the list style settings to make sure that your List Element matches the rest of your Email.

You can order your list with a bullet point, letters from A-Z, or numbers.


If your list items exceed the number of letters in the alphabet, the letters will then behave as double digit numbers

To show the list items without any character in front, choose None.

For a completely custom character, select Custom and enter your character under Custom style.


How to Change the List Alignment

Choose where in the Element would you like your list to be placed.


Left alignment

Select the left alignment button to place your list towards the left side of the Element.


Centre alignment

Choose the centre alignment button to place your list on the centre of the Element.


Right alignment

Click on the right alignment button to have your list towards the right side of the Element.


How to Add List Items

Open the List Options by clicking on the List Element, either on the canvas or the Structure Panel on the left.

1. Click Add item under List items in the List Options. Add as many as you want to add.


2. Your list item or items will appear in the List Element.

3. Click on the List Elements to edit their content.

Keep going until you've added and edited all your items!


How to Remove List Items

To remove items, you must be in the List Options.

Find the list item you wish to remove and click the circle with the "x".


1. Add the List Element.

2. In the Design Panel, add the desired number of list items.

3. Once you've added the text, select the link icon in the inline text editor to add a link.

To read more about adding a link, head over here.

Element Sizes

To design the perfect email, you'll need balance. Some of the most common questions when working with Elements in the Email Editor are about how you can resize Elements and how far the limits go when it comes to margins, line height, width, etc.

To read more about how to resize your List Element and design your Email, head over to this article to learn more.

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