Spacer Element

Need some space? Use a Spacer Element in your Email to create some separation between the Elements in your Email. It can be quickly modified by using the spacer handle, making it very easy to customise the spacer as you build your Email.


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How to Change the Spacer Name


This is an internal name for your Spacer Element, and will only be displayed on the Structure Panel

How to Adjust the Spacer Size

To adjust the size of your spacer, click on the handle and drag it up or down.


From the Design Panel, change its size by entering a specific size for your spacer in pixels under Spacer Size (px). You may also click on the Spacer size icon, hold, and drag to the left to reduce and right to increase the spacing.

If you move the handle in the Element, the number in Spacer Options will be modified to reflect the measurement.


Read more about how to adjust the size of the Spacer Element here.

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