Line Element

Line Elements come in handy when you need to divide content in your Email. Use them wisely!

To learn more about the basic options for all Elements, head over to this article.


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How to Change the Line Name

Enter the name for your Element in the Line Name box of the Design Panel.

This is an internal name for your Element, and will only be displayed on the Structure Panel on the left hand side.


How to Change the Line Direction

Need a vertical or a horizontal line? The Line Element can do both.

Expand the Direction drop-down and pick an option. Make sure that you adjust the length of the Line to fit the rest of your email!

How to Change the Line Style

Expand the Style drop-down menu to adjust the style of your Line Element.

Enter a measurement in pixels to adjust the thickness and length of your line.

You may also click on the Margin icon, hold, and drag to the left to reduce and right to increase their size. The higher the number, the bigger it will be.

Click on the circle next to Line Colour to open the colour picker.


Element Sizes

To design the perfect email, you'll need balance. Some of the most common questions when working with Elements in the Email Editor are about how you can resize Elements and how far the limits go when it comes to margins, line height, width, etc.

To read more about how to resize your Line Element and design your Email, head over to this article to learn more.

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