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Buttons make Emails feel more organic and allow your recipients to engage directly with you. You can add them to send them directly to a page of your choice.

Head over to our article on Email Interactions to find plenty of tips and tricks to make your emails attractive and promote Profile interactions with CTAs.


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For a run-down of the most common options in the Design Panel, click on one of the options below to head to a guide:

Adding a link to your Button Element is key, and ensures you direct your recipients to exactly where you want them to go.

1. Add a Button Element.

2. Click the Button Element and edit the text.

3. Click on the link icon and expand Link Settings to add your link!

To read more about adding a link, head over here.


To change the styling of your Button Element, select the Style drop-down in the Design Panel.

Here you can adjust the general appearance of your Button, add a border, and more.

Change the border of the Button by dragging the Border icon up and down to increase and decrease the size, or enter the measurement in pixels.

To adjust the radius of the Button's corners, drag the Radius icon to the right to increase the the curve of the corners.

To change the padding of the Button, drag the Padding icon to the right to increase the size, or enter the measurement in pixels.

To adjust the width of the Button, select either Fit or Full from the Width drop-down menu.


Adjust the colour of the Button's border and the Button itself by selecting a colour from the Colour Picker.

Element Sizes

To design the perfect email, you'll need balance. Some of the most common questions when working with Elements in the Email Editor are about how you can resize Elements and how far the limits go when it comes to margins, line height, width, etc.

To read more about how to resize your Button Element and design your Email, head over to this article to learn more.

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