The Text Element is a crucial part of any Email tool activity. Insert text into your Email, and use the Design Options to edit and customise the look and feel of your text.


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For a run-down of the most common options in the Design Panel, click on one of the options below to head to a guide:

Manual Line-Height

To manually adjust the line-height of your Text Element, check the box next to Manual Line-height and enter a measure in pixels. You may also click on the line-height icon, hold, and drag to the left to reduce and right to increase the spacing.


To read more about how to resize a Text Element, head over to this article.

Adding a Link

1. To add a link, place a Text Element in the Email's Canvas.

2. After adding your text to the Text Element, highlight the part you want to add a link to and select the Link icon from the inline text editor.

3. Enter the Link settings in the wizard. To learn more about how to do this, head over to this article.

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