Email Design Tips & Tricks

Welcome to this section about Email Design Tips & Tricks! As the name suggests, this will be your source for knowledge and inspiration when it comes to the best practices of building beautiful emails with APSIS One.


General Tips

New to the world of email design, but don't have time to dive deep? Here's a quick rundown of the essential aspects to consider when creating emails for optimal performance and aesthetic value.

1. Use images wisely

Some email clients may block images from being displayed. Background images, especially, may completely fail to load. Avoid relying on images to deliver important information that has a big value to you and your Marketing efforts, and use other elements like the Button or Text element to bring Profiles back to your website.

We suggest to steer away completely from creating emails with a single large image. Recipients who read their emails with an accessibility feature and/or via the text version will completely miss out on your message. The reliability and speed of an internet connection can also play a role in preventing a recipient from reading your email if the image doesn't load.

2. Keep it simple.

A simple, structured and straight-forward email is a foolproof way to engage recipients. An email that conveys a clear message doesn't need to have complicated elements with HTML floats or experimental positioning: think about establishing a grid-like structure that looks best in all devices and catches the eye without relying heavily on styling.

Your email's width should stay between 600px and 800px.

3. Web-based fonts are the best fonts!

Fonts are crucial to your brand's identity and design guidelines. Some email clients may not support specific fonts, and the font will be replaced with a fallback option depending on the email client. Pick a web-based font to make sure your email is shown as expected.

We currently support the following web-based fonts in the Email Editor: Arial, Comic Sans, Courier New, Georgia, Helvetica, Lucida, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Trebuchet Ms and Verdana.

4. Design for compatibility

Use the Preview feature in the Email Editor's Bottom bar to see how your email is displayed on mobile, desktop and its text version. The same goes for our Email Client Test feature, always test your emails to make sure they're displayed properly.

Does something look off? Make a mobile version! The rule of thumb is that you create special rows to be displayed only on mobile or desktop for an optimal experience.

Also, think about the fact that most of your customer base will read their emails from their mobile devices. So, not only should you take care of your email's design, but also think about how accessible links are: small links that are hard to press with a thumb may prove frustrating and lower your recipient's engagement.

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