How to Unsubscribe Profiles

You can enter the File Import Wizard by clicking Add a New Profile on the Profiles tab in Audience.


Import type

1. Click on Unsubscribe on the first step of the wizard.

To Unsubscribe the Profiles in your file means to remove them from one or more lists and Topics they have subscribed to.


Import File

1. Click on Choose file and select the file from your computer. We support CSV files up to 10MB and XLS/XLSX files up to 3MB.

Read more about the supported file formats in this article...

The file must contain the Channel data in order to unsubscribe the Profiles, regardless of what other fields there are in the file. The channel data is an email, phone number or CRM ID.



1. Choose a key column from the drop-down menu to match with Profile properties.

Key Columns are those which contain the data that you will be identifying the Profiles with. Choose between CRM-Id, Mobile or Email.


2. Click on the Attributes drop down menu to select an Attribute to match your key column.


3. Done? Click Next.



1. Take a last look at your file import. Make sure that you chose the correct Consent lists and Topics to unsubscribe the Profiles from.

If you need to modify anything, you are free to track back to any step on the left side navigation.


2. Have you double checked everything? Once you click Unsubscribe, the changes cannot be undone.

When you're ready, click Unsubscribe. Click Cancel to quit the File Import Wizard.

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