About the Segment Builder

The Segment Builder is APSIS One's powerful tool to create Segments. It is composed of two parts: the conditions panel on the left, and the Segment Canvas in the centre.

In this article we'll give you a general overview of the Segment Builder and its basic features.

For a step-by-step guide on how to create a Segment, see Creating a Segment.

For practical information on adding Segment conditions, jump here.


Conditions Panel

Here in the conditions panels you'll find the conditions necessary to create a Segment. In order to create it, you'll be drag and dropping these items into the canvas.

Your goal is to combine these conditions in order to identify your target Audience and send them relevant communications.

As you can see, there are two types of conditions: Properties and Events.


Properties are the sort of data that has been provided with consent by the individuals behind APSIS One Profiles.

These can be used in order to identify and address a group of people with certain things in common, like the country they reside in, their birthdate, etc.

Properties are composed of two types of Profile data:



Events, on the other hand, are the actions performed by the group of people, like opening an Email, a page view, or giving cookie consent.

These can be used to target Profiles that have done something in response to your marketing efforts, like being an active subscriber and opening your newsletters on a regular basis.

Read more about Event data...


Segment Canvas

Here's where you will be adding your Segment conditions in order to create your Segment.

It is composed of two areas: the properties area on the top and the Events area on the bottom. They are separated by an AND/OR relation. It is not possible to set an entire area to include or exclude, but you may do this with rows.

As you add conditions into the areas, you create rows. Adding a condition into an area will create a new row. After a row is created, you will have the option to add conditions into the row or under the row to create a new one.

These rows will be separated with an AND/OR relation, and can be set to both include and exclude the conditions inside. To delete a row, click the X on the top right corner.


Segment Builder Features

The two biggest features of the APSIS One Segment Builder are the AND/OR relation and the Include/Exclude function.

First of all, know that you may add as many conditions as you want into the rows, and as many rows into the areas.

It is up to you to decide how many conditions are necessary in order to create your Segment, and whether you would like to use the AND or the OR relation between rows and areas or set them to include or exclude.

Include or Exclude Function

The Include or Exclude function will allow you to choose whether you want to include Profiles who match or don't match a series of conditions in your Segment.

Another aspect to consider is that, during the creation of APSIS One activities, you will have the opportunity to include or exclude whole Segments.

Whether your Segments themselves are set to include or exclude will determine the outcome of the activity, since choosing to exclude a Segment that only has excluding rows will result in including the Profiles described by the Segment.

Choosing to include a Segment with only excluding rows will exclude the Profiles described by the Segment. This also applies to all AND/OR relations. There's also an all/any option whenever working with Segments.

To put it simply, excluding a Segment in an activity will invert both the conditions and rows as well as the AND/OR relations in your Segment.

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