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In order to successfully collect product views data, you will need to have created an APSIS One Cookie Banner or have connected your own. Moreover, a Section with a domain must also have been set up in Sections; this, however, is an Account Owner or Admin User's task to perform.

Read more about APSIS One's User Roles and Permissions here.

Also, is your Tracking Script installed? Without it, no data will be collected.

Perhaps you'd like to read more about cookies, or jump straight into creating a Cookie Banner.

Track what information is most relevant to your visitors by collecting product views.

The process is simple: you provide us with a product page, granted that it matches the rest of your product pages, and you decide which fields you want to track. After completing the activity, we will be able to track the views of all the products that have the same type of page. If you have more than one type of product page, simply make a Product Views capture for each of them.

The data picked up from your visitors' interaction is then fed straight into their individual profiles, allowing you to have a better sense of their interests.

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