About Assets

When working with Assets in the APSIS One Email tool, take your Email activities to the next level by creating dynamic, personalised marketing that will effortlessly capture the attention of your Profiles, and encourage engagement with your Audience when combined with Segments.

Create a Static Asset where the content remains the same, and quickly drag into your Email activity for consistent, on-brand marketing.

Dynamic Assets allow you to add data from your own external source into the Asset, creating an up-to-date version for each of your Email tool activities. Jump to this article to read more about placeholders and sources...

Cart Layout Assets work the same as Dynamic Assets, but allow for personalisation to be used in cart abandonment emails in Marketing Automation flows. Read more about Cart Layout Assets here...

Please note that currently Assets are available to all Users in the Account, regardless of their Section permissions. To read more about User Roles & Permissions, head over to this article.

Google Analytics and Assets

If you're saving a Row as an Asset from an email, please note that any Google Analytics settings that have been configured in the Email Editor's Bottom bar will not be saved with the Asset.

If you're creating an Asset from the Assets tab, you will not see the Google Analytics settings in the Bottom bar.

When you add the Asset to an email, it will gain the Google Analytics settings you applied in the Bottom bar (since these apply to the entire email).

As to Dynamic Assets, when fetching content on send-out, Google Analytics settings applied in the Bottom bar will be used in all links in the Asset.

Read more about how to set up Google Analytics for your Email...

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