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Working with Forms and Pages Templates
Working with Forms and Pages Templates
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Working with Templates in the Forms and Pages Tool is a quick and efficient way to create striking forms and pages that will gather Profile data from you website's visitors.

Get started quickly with a selection of Pre-Defined Templates, or modify Templates that you've already created in the Your Templates tab.

You can also leave it to our Creative Services Professionals here at APSIS One and Request a beautiful custom made Forms & Pages activity to suit your needs.


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Pre-Defined Templates

Working with Pre-defined Templates will allow you to create a Forms and Pages activity quickly, and takes the hassle out of designing one from scratch.

Choose a Pre-defined Template from our selection and replace the content with content that matches your brand, publish it to your website and there you go!


How to Change a Pre-Defined Template

To change a pre-defined Template after you've chosen one and gone into the Editor, simply click Previous step on the Bottom bar. You will be taken back to the Templates step where you can choose a different pre-defined Template.

Note that all of the changes you made in the current Template will be lost.


How to Review the Template Settings

When in the Editor, open the Template Settings by clicking Settings on the Bottom bar.


Request a Template

1. Select which type of activity you want to create.


2. Click on the Request icon.


3. A Request Template wizard will open. In the Description text box, enter a description of the Template you'd like to request, and click Submit.

Your default email client will open with the description you entered in APSIS One. Feel free to include any additional information or files before you send us your request!

Your request will be sent to our team at Creative Services who will get back to you as soon as possible.


Your Templates

These Templates are those that users in your account have saved from a draft, or have been created by our Creative Services Professionals as part of your APSIS One package. Simply click on the Your Templates tab in the Templates Wizard, or find them in the Templates tab in the Forms and Pages tool.

To learn more about the Templates tab and how to create a Template, take a look at this article.

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