How Do Your Subscribers Opt-Out?

For all kinds of communications, your subscribers will have the option to opt-out or unsubscribe.

An opt-out will happen when they click your unsubscribe link, either in an SMS message or in an Email. A landing page will open in order for them to confirm that they wish to unsubscribe: this will prevent them from accidentally unsubscribing. Once they confirm that they wish to opt-out, APSIS One will remove them from all the Topics associated with the specific Email or SMS where they opted out.

If a Profile unsubscribes via an Email or SMS associated with a Topic, but is subscribed to other Topics in one or more Consent lists unrelated to that Email or SMS, they will continue to receive communications from the Topics they're still subscribed to.

In order for a Profile to opt-out of one or more entire Consent lists, they would have to do so by unsubscribing from all Emails associated with the different Topics.

Curious about consent?

Head over here to learn more about consent, the levels and types of consent and more!

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