Creating a Sign-up Bar

In order to successfully create and activate a Sign-Up Bar, you will need to have created a Folder and a Subscription in Audience. Moreover, a Section with a domain must also have been set up in Sections; this, however, is an Account Owner or Admin User's task to perform.

Also, is your Tracking Script installed? Without it, the sign-up bar will not appear in your website.

Make sure that you have an APSIS One cookie banner in your website before you create a sign-up bar.

Click on the corresponding links to jump to the Account Settings or Audience article.

A Sign-up Bar in your website will allow you to obtain visitors' Email addresses with their consent. Show quick messages and make it easy for them to subscribe in the spot.

These can let your visitors know that you have a newsletter they can sign up for, offer a discount code, notify them of an ongoing sale... Anything that you want displayed on your site, always, sometimes, in every page of your site or only on specific ones.

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