The centre area of the Email Editor is your Canvas, a live preview of how the finished product will look.

Here you add the Elements and Assets necessary to build your Email.

Elements are the containers of images, text and other types of content you would normally add into an Email. Assets, on the other hand, are a combination of Elements inside a Row. When you create an Asset, you're essentially saving the Row for future use in an Email. You can find them in the Design Panel, inside the Editor.

The Email is composed of Rows and Columns, each Column being a part of a Row. Drag and drop items into your Canvas from the Design Panel to design your Email. The limit of Assets and Elements is four per Row or Column.

The Canvas is all things Email design: it's where you build your Templates and your Assets for future use.


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Text Version

The text version of an email is a simplified version that contains only the text content of the email, without any pictures or any other sorts of media.

While in the Email Editor, access the Preview. There you can toggle the Desktop, Mobile and Text version, and the canvas will change accordingly.

To view the text version as a part of a particular Segment, click the Segments under View Segments.


Do I need a text version for my email?

Most likely, yes. Emails that contain a simple text version have an improved deliverability rate, as certain email clients tend to flag emails without a text version as spam.

Consider the accessibility factor. Recipients who have difficulties reading may use accessibility features to read email.

It may be difficult for certain apps, clients or browsers to display HTML content in some devices. An email with a text version will increase the popularity of the emails due to more devices being able to display it properly.

Also, it's worth mentioning that some people prefer the text version of emails due to their simplicity.

Device Visibility

Your email will be displayed differently depending on the device it's opened with.

Here's an overview of how each Element will be displayed in mobile versus desktop, as well as the differences in placement.

Mobile and Desktop Device Visibility

Would you like to make a Row visible only in the mobile or the desktop version of your Email? Or would you like to make it visible in both?

Click on the icons under Show on to choose on which device(s) the Row will be visible. You must choose at least one device, as it is impossible to deselect both.

The icon on the left represents desktop and the icon on the right represents mobile.


Stacking Elements on Mobile View

The desktop version of your Email will display the Rows and Columns as you have arranged them in the Email Editor. However, the mobile version will stack the Elements on top of each other.

The Elements are stacked from left to right. If the width of an Element exceeds the width of the mobile view, it will be resized to fit.

See the example below:





Element Sizes

To design the perfect email, you'll need balance. Some of the most common questions when working with Elements in the Email Editor are about how you can resize Elements and how far the limits go when it comes to margins, line height, width, etc.

To read more about how to resize your Elements and design your Email, head over to this article to learn more.

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