Here's the foundation of your Email.

The Structure Panel is to the left of the Canvas. Your Email's structure is displayed there, and updated as you customise your Email.

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About the Structure Panel

The main component of an Email's structure is a Row. A Row is a horizontal combination of Elements. A Row can be split into Columns in the Row Settings or by adding Elements to it. There is a limit of four Columns per Row. Read more about Row Settings further below.


On the left, in the Structure Panel, you will see the types of Rows you'll be working on, as well as the new Rows and Columns that you add as you go.


The Structure Panel also scrolls directly to the location of a Row or Column when you click on it in the Canvas.


If you have included or excluded any Segments from a Row, Segmented Rows will be identified with an icon. Read more about Row Segmentation on Row Settings...


Hover over the Row to see the Row's Segmentation settings.


Template Structure

Did you know Emails have a template structure? A template structure is simply the way the content of the Email is organised according to placement.


Here's some useful information about template structure:

Email Header: A Header is normally where an image containing a logo or banner, a title, or an introductory or helpful text is placed.

Email Body: The Email's body is composed by the text, images and other Elements you add to your Email.

Email Footer: The Footer is placed at the bottom of the Email and is often where Copyright information and the Unsubscribe link are located. The unsubscribe link, if you didn't know yet, is mandatory in accordance with marketing laws.

To learn more about how to populate these areas, see working with Elements & Assets.


Email Rows

A Row is a horizontal container of content. A Row is a header, part of the body or a footer. Rows can be saved, which results in the creation of an Asset. Read more about Assets...

Rows can also be resized, affecting the design of your Email.

Read more about Email Rows here.

Email Columns

A Column is a vertical section of a Row. As you add Elements into a Row, you'll notice that you can place them next to each other, but also on top of each other. Rows contain Columns in order to best arrange content, and to give you as much creative freedom as possible. There is a limit to 4 columns per row.

Columns can also be resized, affecting the design of your Email.

Read more about Email Columns here.

Roadmap for Structure Panel

Right now it's not possible to move rows via the Structure Panel but we want to provide an easy way to move rows like this


  • Save the row as an asset and drag it into your email from the asset menu

  • Create a new row and move the elements one by one to the new row

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