Which Topics are the most popular?

Here you'll have a visual representation of how different topics are performing in relation to visitors' opt-in. This will give you perspective on what the audience of your chosen Section is most interested in.

Click on the drop-down menu to switch between Sections.


What are your Audience's preferences?

Naturally, by providing consent, visitors will be associated with a Topic. The topics that draw in the most visitors are the ones that perform best.


For example, if some of your topics are seasonal, it may take some time before you can see whether one season like autumn draws in more profiles in total than winter and vice versa.

By having an overview of how your audience is spread across your topics, or if most of it is associated with one topic, you get to truly know your visitors on a larger scale. If your ultimate goal is to grow all of your Topics, here's where you get live updates on how the process is coming along.

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