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In the Total opt-in section, you'll see from which channels the Profiles came from.

Click on the drop-down menu to switch between Sections.


How does the magic happen?

By providing their Email, phone number (SMS) or cookie consent (Website), you'll see the number that reflects exactly where they provided it: have in mind that if the consent was given through your website, the numbers will affect the Website count as much as it will affect the Email and SMS count.

This would be true of a Profile that first provided cookie consent in your website and also filled in a sign-up bar with their Email address--regardless of which order, they provided consent in two channels, and it will be counted separately.

A good example of a case in which a customer provided their phone number or Email address without visiting a website can be if a customer provides them while completing a purchase in your physical store.

The Website number represents the amount of times visitors provided cookie consent.

SMS reflects the Profiles that have a phone number associated with them.

Similarly, the Email count shows the amount of Profiles that have an Email address.


What to do with this information?

Well, with the knowledge of how all the Profiles were created, you'll have a better idea of the actual population you'd be addressing with your activities. This comes in handy particularly when creating new activities in your tools, since you'll have an idea of how many pairs of eyes will be enjoying the content.

Also, you may notice numbers growing at a different pace. That's the best time to try and boost a different communication channel! Do your visitors have enough opportunities to sign-up for your newsletters or SMS campaigns? Are you offering anything in exchange, like interesting content or any discounts or offers? If your website numbers are low, have you made a cookie banner yet?

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