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Everything you need to setup to send a SMS with APSIS One

  1. Create a Subscription for SMS channel

  2. Add Profiles who gave their consent to this Topic/Subscription. You can for example add them manually via file import or use the APSIS One form tool to start collection consent.

  3. Register you Sender Name if you are sending from of the countries not in this list.

  4. Make sure you have SMS credits in your Account. Here's how to order more.

And that's it! Now you're ready to create an SMS.

How to Create and Send an SMS

1. Head over to the SMS tool. You can do so from the shortcut on the calendar page or from your Tools page.

2. Click Create a New SMS.


3. The conversation wizard will open. Follow the steps on the left side of the screen, and you'll be ready in no time.


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