If you already have a Cookie banner in your website, there's no need to create a new one. Simply connect your Cookie banner to the APSIS One Tracking Script and start collecting visitor data!

Did you install the Tracking Script?

Here's how to install the Tracking Script, but if you need extra information head over here.

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How to Connect Your Own Cookie Banner

1. Head over to your Account Settings in the sidebar.


2. In Sections, expand the Section you would like to work with.


3. Click Domains & Languages, then select Tracking Script.


4. Toggle the Run Tracking Script Independently option.

When you turn on this feature, Profiles will be created with their browsing behaviour, and they will get a Cookie consent Event (just like with the APSIS One Cookie Banner).

5. You may choose to run the Tracking Script only when a certain cookie matches a value. In this case, we only create new Profiles, add a Cookie consent Event and collect data when the cookie matches this specific value.

Tick the Match cookie value to start tracking box and enter a cookie name, match type and value.


Please refer to your own development team in order to make sure your cookie banner is paired with the APSIS One Tracking Script.


If you choose to connect your own Cookie banner, it's important that the Cookie banner is enabled in your website and communicating with the Tracking Script. Read more about the Tracking Script & Data Collection...

If your Cookie banner stops appearing in your website, or communicating with the Tracking Script, data collection will not be interrupted but no new Profiles will be created. Profiles' browsing data will still be stored in APSIS One, but no new data will come in. When your Cookie banner starts working again, the Tracking Script will continue to create new Profiles as they provide Cookie consent via your Cookie banner.

If your visitors' cookies expire, existing browsing data will remain in Profiles but no new data will be collected in them. Whenever a new cookie is created, a new Profile will be created. When they've been identified, the two Profiles will merge and the new browsing behaviour will be in the same Profile that contains the previous data. Read more about Profile merge...

Cookies expire according to your Section's Cookie settings and your visitors' browsers and cookie preferences (ITP). Make sure that your Section's Cookie settings are aligned with your data collection efforts to make sure Profiles are up-to-date with their latest browsing behaviour.

About Cookie Lifetime

In the Cookie settings of your Section you can find some additional options as to how data is tracked and stored in APSIS One Profiles, and for how long.

If your own Cookie banner has a specific setting for how long cookies should prevail in visitors' browsers, make sure that you set the Cookie Lifetime in APSIS One to a period of time that is greater than or equal to the one in your Cookie banner.

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