Before you begin

In order to successfully create and activate a Cookie Banner, you will need to have created a Section with a domain; this, however, is an Admin User's task to perform.

Read more about APSIS One's User Roles and Permissions here.

Also, is your Tracking Script installed? Without it, the Cookie Banner will not appear in your website.

Have you read our material on cookies and consent yet? Perhaps you'd like to read more about cookies before creating a Cookie Banner.

Click on the corresponding links to jump to the Account Settings or Audience article.

Cookie banners are essential: with cookie banners you may get the visitors' explicit consent to gather their browsing data in order to have more information about their engagement with your website.

You must always display a message regarding cookies in your website for your visitors, so maybe go ahead and make one if you are unsure of where to begin.

Make sure you have your cookie policy link in hand and a somewhat clear idea of how your banner should look like and behave.

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