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Periodical Opt-in and Out
Periodical Opt-in and Out
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Opt-in and Opt-Out: Last 7 Days

See how many visitors have decided to opt-in or out in a period of time, and on which channel it happened. These statistics reflect the growth of your audience over time, and helps you get an overview of the results of all your marketing efforts.


Display Preferences

Select a Time Period

On the left side, click on the drop down menu and choose which period of time you want to see. You may choose between the last 7 days, last 14 days and last month.


Select a Section

Click on the drop-down menu to switch between Sections.


Channel-Specific Statistics

Channel Opt-In

Similarly to your Total opt-in, you'll get an idea of whether they opted in by providing their Email address, phone number or their cookie consent on your website. The difference is, as you can see, that these statistics are related to the period of time you chose, so you can see exactly what happened during that time and correlate those results with your efforts, as well as with your total opt-in stats.


Channel Opt-Out

We understand that sometimes we lose profiles for one reason or another. After all, both Email and SMS campaigns must contain an unsubscribe link, so here you can see from which channel people decided to opt-out. Most of the time, there is no reason to worry since there's a lot of ways of getting them back. Keep your content relevant and interesting to keep your Audience engaged.


Periodical Opt-In and Out Graph

For your comfort, there's also a graph for you to see how the numbers compare day to day during the selected time period. Use this to your advantage whenever making decisions on how to grow your opt-in methods.

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