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Periodical Subscriptions Opt-in
Periodical Subscriptions Opt-in
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Periodical Subscription Opt-In: Last 7 Days

Here's a visual representation of how different Subscriptions are performing in relation to your Audience's opt-in over a specific period of time.

This knowledge will allow you to improve the way you communicate with your Audience, by giving you both proportional and numeric insights on how different Subscriptions draw the most opt-ins.

As explained in Total Subscription Opt-in: Profiles are associated with a Subscription. The Subscriptions that draw most profiles in are the ones that perform best. If a specific Subscriptions does not perform as well as others, you have the opportunity to investigate the reasons behind and make changes at the right time.

Now, the apart from the total Subscription opt-in you have the periodical Subscription opt-in that shows information from a specific period of time. You'll get the numbers on the right, but also colored bars that represent the opt-in numbers in relation to each other.

Display Preferences

Select a Section

Click on the drop-down menu to switch between Sections.


Select a Time Period

On the right side, click on the drop down menu and select which period of time you want to see. You may choose between the last 7 days, last 14 days and last month.

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