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Welcome to the Audience Page!

The Audience page in APSIS One provides a better understanding of your audience by connecting all customer interactions to unique Profiles.

This is where you can use all the data from any touchpoint in your digital marketing that your audience interacts with.

With Profiles, follow and analyse all customer interactions. Identify unknown website visitors through cookies and gradually populate your profiles with behavioural data from all your channels and touch-points.

Through Segmentation, create personalised messages at scale by defining your own Segments or get off to a quick start with our pre-defined smart Segments based on actions, Attributes and behaviour. Your customers move between your Segments as they interact with your brand.

Stay on top of your consent and permissions by letting your customers define their content preferences. Manage permissions for each channel to check if you have permission for Email, website or SMS.

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This is the first tab displayed once you enter Audience.

About Profiles

A Profile is a container of information tied to an individual, which can either be unknown or known... Read more about Profiles here!


To access this area, click on the Segments tab.


The existing Segments will be shown in a list, and well as the number of Profiles and the date the Segment was created. Jump to Segmentation...

About Segments

A Segment is a collection of conditions to group or filter Profiles. Segment conditions can be properties, like Attributes or Tags, and Events like Website Interactions and Response Data.

Segments are created to address particular groups of people, or exclude them from sendings.


To access this area, click on the Subscriptions tab.

This area makes it easier for you to manage the Subscriptions associated with the data from Profiles who gave cookie consent or personal data, depending on the specific Subscription chosen, preferred channel and which website they visited.

About Consent

How do Profiles Opt-in and out? What are the types or levels of consent? What is consent?

Manage your Subscriptions, the amount of consents given and the last date you were given consent.

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