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Insights is where everything merges in APSIS One: smarter decision making, made easy.

Get to know the people behind the numbers. APSIS One Insights provides marketers with an easy overview to measure behaviour and interactions across channels and customer touch-points.

Learn how and where your customers interact. Analyse devices, subscriptions, locations and response data to understand what makes your audience tick. Track customer engagement throughout your channels to understand and predict their needs and expectations.

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Profiles Overview

The first thing you'll see is an overview of all the Profiles in your Audience.

There are two types of Profiles:

Unknown Profiles are those related to a visitor that, despite browsing and engaging with your page, has not provided any information that will allow you to communicate with them: like an Email address or phone number.

Known Profiles are those that can be associated with a phone number and/or Email address.

Read more about Profiles here...


Choosing a Section

Since the Profiles are created according to which Section they belong to, make sure you're looking at the right Section.

What is a Section?

Your account is divided into Section to best keep track of the data tracked with the platform. In a nutshell: a Section is a container of domains, and a domain is a website. Read more about Sections.

On the right you'll see a drop-down menu to select a Section:


Click on the drop-down menu to switch between Sections.


Profile Growth

This graph represents the growth of your Audience Profiles in time.

Look at the colour of the lines in the graph:

Orange stands for Unknown, the blue one are the known ones, and the green coloured line is the sum of the two (all Profiles).


Make the Unknown Known!

Ideally, your Unknown Profiles shouldn't be the majority, while more and more Profiles become known Profiles with the data acquired with consent. The reality is: Unknown Profiles will always be the majority. A high Unknown Profile count is not a bad thing: all the opposite, it means that a lot of people are browsing your website; you only need to convert them.

If your Known Profiles are growing, you know you're definitely doing something right!

Otherwise, perhaps a quick suggestion is that you take a look at the activities the Website Tool has to offer. For example, make sure you have a sign-up form in your website so that they have an opportunity to provide you with their Email.

With the information that Insights provides, you get to understand the outcome of all your activities and how they make your Audience grow.

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