Why Integrate with APSIS One?

We aim to unify all your data to create a seamless customer journey.

That is why APSIS One has made it easy for your to integrate with the platforms you use to run your business as out-of-the-box integrations, with no need for IT or developers.

Integrate your CRM, CMS, or Ecommerce platform and focus on creating a streamlined customer experience, and enjoying higher engagement with all your Profiles. With APSIS One Integrations, marketers can focus on what really matters, and not have to worry about any confusing IT talk.

Tired of Data Silos?

The biggest cause for irrelevant messaging, inconsistent customer journeys, and marketing headaches are data silos. But what does this mean?

Lets say that of your sales information is stuck inside your Ecommerce platform, and all of your digital marketing communication flows are in another, it can be impossible to consolidate these isolated aspects of your business to create an intelligent and responsive workflow. APSIS One integrations eliminates data silos that harm your business, and unifies all of your cross-platform data into one.

The benefits are clear:

  • Eliminate data silos in your business, and combines all your information in one, easy-to-use platform.

  • Use APSIS One integrations and webhooks to create, update, or delete contact information between your marketing platform and CMS/CRM platform.

  • Use webhooks to send information across your other integrations.

Native Integrations

APSIS One already supports a number of native integrations, so you can get started right away with unifying all your data.

  • CMS Integrations

Your website is a goldmine of rich behavioral data. By connecting your CMS platform with APSIS One, you'll be able to create meaningful digital experiences across all channels. Currently we support Sitecore and Episerver, but are always developing more. Want to learn more?

  • CRM Integrations

Integrate your CRM with APSIS One to level up your personalisation, increase your organisational efficiency, and to gain a clear understanding of your customers and their needs. If your CRM identifies when someone becomes a customer, but your marketing platform still believes they are a prospect, your marketing team will have trouble in creating personalised content that speaks to them. Eliminate these pain points with an APSIS One CRM Integration. Currently we support Microsoft Dynamics 365, but check back to see our new developments. Want to learn more?

  • Ecommerce Integrations

Make purchasing from your online store more personal by connecting APSIS One with your Ecommerce platform. Activate communication flows with your customers based on purchase data, granular browsing behaviour and much more. Currently we support Magento, but are always developing more. Want to learn more?

Do you want to create a custom, third-party integration?

Reach out and tell us about your needs!

You can also click Suggest an Integration in the top right corner of the Integrations tab and share your suggestion with us.


Want to integrate with APSIS One?

As an all-in-one marketing platform, integrations play a fundamental role in APSIS One. Our Integrations Development team creates integrations with strict rules for synchronisation between other platforms and APSIS One. By carefully mapping data, you can make sure that you have accurate, synchronised data available to you in real time.

We provide native integrations for CRM, CMS, Ecommerce, Advertising, Business Intelligence and Analytics and Point of Sales platforms and services.

These native integrations are available as add-ons to your subscription to APSIS One. Depending on the type of integration and your technical know-how, you can choose to implement the integration yourself or get assistance from one of our trusted partners.

The Integrations tab

You can access the Integrations tab in in the left Menu .

APSIS One Integrations are Section-specific. This means that all of your different systems will be feeding Profile data into your APSIS One account, and this data will be divided according to the Section you chose for your integration

Make sure you have selected the Section you want to connect in the top right corner.

Ready, set, go!

If you're ready to integrate your CRM, CMS or Ecommerce system with APSIS One, reach out to your Account Manager to get started!


All of the information you'll need about integrating your CRM, CMS, or Ecommerce platform with APSIS One.

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